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  • Improved animal intake particularly in adverse weather, when grazing time may be limited. More energy per bite and less wastage
  • Reduced wastage also means increased efficiency, which is environmentally better
  • Bombardier easy graze kale suits systems where higher animal intakes and performance are required. These include dairy cow grazing for increased BCS and heifer, bull and steer systems where weight gain is critical


  • Produces a very high leaf yield, which converts to a high leaf-to-stem ratio
  • Bred with stem quality in mind
  • Late flowering kale

  • Excellent quality and utilisation for wintering all classes of cattle where high performance is demanded
  • High yielding intermediate height kale with a potential yield of 16 tDM/ha
  • High leaf-to-stem ratio, with very good late winter leaf percentage and soft stems
  • Very good winter hardiness and excellent pest and disease tolerance


  • Very good winter hardiness and snow loading ability
  • Consistently high leaf to stem ratio, around 60%, high dry matter content, ME and digestibility, providing good utilisation
  • Medium stem, high yielding and low SMCO (S-methylcysteine sulphoxide)

  • High leaf-to-stem ratio, and high overall yield potential
  • Very good winter hardiness and grazing utilisation
  • Good disease tolerance


  • High yielding giant type kale
  • Highest leaf-to-stem ratio of giant kales
  • Winter hardy
  • Good aphid tolerance

  • Outstanding leaf-to-stem ratio with very good late winter leafiness
  • Short height ideal for younger stock classes and sheep wintering systems
  • Excellent crop utilisation due to highly digestible stem
  • Superior animal production due to enhanced forage quality


  • Produces high leaf yield, which converts to a high leaf-to-stem ratio
  • Low stem dry matter percentage
  • Excellent aphid tolerance

  • Fast recovery from grazing with excellent yields and the potential for three grazings
  • Suitable for summer, autumn, and early winter feeding
  • Ideal for mixing with herbs and clovers


  • Very late flowering, medium height, leafy type
  • Multi-graze flexibility
  • Summer/autumn/winter feed option

  • Interval is a tall, fast establishing rape ideal for summer, autumn and winter feed
  • Interval is a rape-kale cross, giving high yield with regrowth ability
  • Interval can be sown from spring through to early autumn to provide a bulk of high-quality feed. Spring sowings can be grazed in summer/early autumn then left to regrow for winter feed


  • High yielding rape with a potential yield of 14 tDM/ha
  • Multi-graze forage rape with excellent summer/autumn/early winter feed
  • Superior regrowth potential with excellent winter keeping properties

  • Leafy, giant-type multi graze forage rape with the potential for three to four grazings depending on management
  • Fast establishing with very good re-growth potential and high yields
  • Can be sown in either spring or autumn to provide fast establishing summer or autumn/winter feed


  • New Zealand bred, very high yielding main crop swede
  • Yellow-fleshed bulb with medium maturity
  • Clubroot and dry rot tolerant
  • Excellent winter keeping qualities


  • Very high yielding, yellow-fleshed, main-crop swede
  • Leafy swede with good leaf retention in winter
  • High dry rot tolerance


  • Softest bulb swede on the market
  • Good yielding, with a potential yield of 16 tDM/ha
  • Early maturing, traditional yellow-fleshed, main swede crop 


  • No ripening period, allowing early access for animals onto the crop
  • Quick recovery, offering multiple grazings
  • Leafy turnip with enhanced non-bolting characteristics


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