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  • Exceptional utilisation from the highest proportion of bulb above ground than any other commercially available variety
  • High leaf proportion with the lowest bulb dry matter available (up to 13%), important for growing young animals
  • Excellent versatility, suiting all grazing systems

  • Low dry matter fodder beet with high leaf yield which is excellent for grazing younger stock that are breaking new teeth
  • Orange bulb, true monogerm cultivar for even establishment
  • Proven to perform across all stock classes, including sheep and deer

  • Medium dry matter, monogerm, orange bulb fodder beet suitable for grazing in-situ or lifting
  • Very good bolting tolerance and disease resistance
  • Consistent and reliable high yields year after year

  • Very uniform, monogerm cultivar that has been evaluated in New Zealand for many years
  • It has performed consistently well for several years across all stock classes and environments in New Zealand
  • Orange skinned cultivar and is French fodder beet breeder Florimond Desprez’s most popular product

  • Higher leaf protein level than other cultivars tested provides a more balanced diet
  • Palatable bulbs, with a high proportion above ground ensures less soil ingestion and very high utilisation
  • Use Robbos where high dry matter yield per hectare and high utilisation are required when grazing fodder beet

  • Superior genetics for farmers wanting maximum flexibility and returns from their beet system
  • Ability to be harvested across a range of seasons allows feed availability during key times
  • Very high dry matter enables long term storability

  • Consistent high yield potential from its medium to high dry matter
  • High proportion of good quality green leaf which is excellent for grazing systems
  • Versatile variety for grazing or self-harvesting ghghghghghghghghghghghghg ghghgh
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  • Uniform yellow/green tankard shaped bulb
  • True monogerm cultivar
  • Very good resistance to bolting gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Versatile fodder beet for grazing and/or self/ mechanical harvesting
  • Excellent leaf quality ghghghghghghgh hghghghghghgh hghghghggh
  • High yields from its medium to high dry matter ghghghghghhg hghghghghgh

  • High dry matter variety which is capable of generating very high crop yields
  • Suitable for mechanical lifting, but can also be grazed in-situ with mature stock
  • Clean, white coloured bulbs with low soil retention


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