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Website help for cardholders

The website is jam packed full of simple, useful features to help you make the most of your Ruralco Card.

Want access to Ruralco on the go?

We have put a lot of time into making sure that the website is easy and simple to use on your mobile phone or tablet

Did you know that you can save our website to your home screen? Follow the instructions below and you’ll have instant access* to Ruralco no matter where you are.

*You must have an internet connection, either through the cellular network or Wi-Fi, to connect to the Ruralco website.


  1. Visit in your browser
  2. Tap the 'send to' icon (looks like a square with an arrow exiting it)
  3. Select 'add to homescreen' from the options which appear
  4. Save!


  1. Visit in your browser
  2. Press the menu button and select bookmarks
  3. Add the bookmark
  4. Press and hold the bookmark you just created
  5. Select 'add shortcut to home'

Searching for a supplier or discount

The search function is located along the top of every page and allows you to search by supplier name, category, town or even by products and services that you may require. Please remember, to view the fantastic supplier discounts negotiated on your behalf, make sure you are logged in.


This comes hand in hand with the search bar and allows you to look through our huge range of suppliers to see who we have on board, without having to input anything specific.

My Ruralco

To access My Ruralco you must be logged in to the website.


Here you can set your interests and update your contact details to help us personalise your experience by displaying suppliers which relate to you and sending you only the things you are interested in.


Come here for the latest news and updates for you from Ruralco, as well as new suppliers and suppliers you may be interested in. This is personalised by the options you select in your profile.

My Favourites

Have favourite suppliers whose pages you visit often? Save them to My Favourites and then come here to easily and quickly find them again.

Supplier pages

These now have a new easy to read layout with a summary of all the information you need about a supplier. You can even view the products and services they have on offer. There is also a map on the right hand side where you can get directions to a supplier from your current location, or view their location (see below for more information).

Review a Supplier

We want you to tell us about those suppliers who provide a great discount or service or product as it allow and helps others to choose the best supplier for them based on your reviews.


You will notice in the Search, Browse and on Supplier pages we have added in maps marking their locations. Now you can easily view where a supplier is, and if you have allowed the website to view your location, you can get directions to the supplier from your current location and see an approximation of the distance they are from you.

Logging in

Already have a login?

You can login straight away using your details from the old Ruralco website.

Need a login?

Click Create a Login either on the black Join Us box on the homepage or on the login pop up when you click login. Fill in the details on the form and we will set up your website account within the next business day.

Please note, you can only have one login to the website per account number. If you would like your partner, family or staff member to also be able to access the account, please use an email or password you are happy to share. It is at your own risk who you share your login with.


We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions around the new Ruralco website, our suppliers and anything else you would like to tell us. Contact us today to let us know.