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Receive your ATS or Ruralco account electronically

22 December 2015

Get your account sent to you electronically

Fuel up in Hinds and save 16 cents

22 December 2015

Save 16 cents discount, per litre of fuel

Expanding the Ruralco fuel network

5 October 2015

We have been busy growing our fuel network

Mobil Amberley - Temporary closure

1 September 2015

On 7 September Mobil Amberley will be closed temporarily.

Be aware of the latest in email SPAM

4 August 2015

This spam email defeats spam filters and multiple virus guards

Bulk fuel deliveries

4 August 2015

On farm delivery of fuel can save you time and money

Instore Days prize winners

4 August 2015

Ruralco suppliers, ATS retail suppliers & kids stamp the map competition

Keeping you farm & family on the move

4 August 2015

Do you have someone who needs a fuel card?

Charge your Spark account to your Ruralco account

31 July 2015

Enjoy the convenience of charging your Spark account through your Ruralco Card

Exercise tax refund

31 July 2015

You may be entitled to an exercise tax refund