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Exercise tax refund

29 January 2016

If you’re a business owner who uses petrol-powered equipment in your operations, you may be entitled to an excise tax refund of up to 69¢ per litre. This includes using petrol powered equipment to:

•Move about the land you and your staff work on (i.e. ATV’s used by farmers);

•Work the land the equipment operates on (i.e. lawnmowers used by green keepers, hydraladas used by orchardists);

•Keep your businesses operating (i.e. builders using generators, chainsaws used in forestry).

To lodge a claim to refund fuel excise duty, contact Kerry Aldrich from the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Authority)on 06 953 7021 or 0800 108 809 (Ext 7021), she will advise you on your claim, register your request and ensure you have the correct forms to fill out.