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The Ruralco Card and Ruralco Mobilcard

Having an account with Ruralco gives you access to two types of card.

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Ruralco Card


Primary Card

Sub account card


Having a Ruralco Card opens up a world of purchase, discount and service opportunities providing the best value and opportunities for your farming business.

The Ruralco Card can be used to receive great discounts at over 3,000 local and national businesses (suppliers) nationwide, giving you access to businesses for all of your farming or family needs, including fuel.

You can use your Ruralco Card at all Mobil service stations, Allied Fuelstops and listed fuel sites nationwide and save at least 12¢* per litre discount off the pump price. All charges will be listed on your monthly ATS or Ruralco account.

The fence post card, above left, is the primary card and the paw print card, above right, is a sub account card . The cards function identically; the only difference is the picture on the front. Sub account cards are only available to ATS Members.

You can have multiple cards off a primary or sub account, meaning your spouse can have a card - and even the kids!

All charges will be listed on your monthly ATS or  Ruralco account.

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Note for suppliers
The Ruralco Card member number (bottom left on card) can have either a R, M or P at the beginning; if there is no letter it belongs to an ATS account.

Ruralco Mobilcard

Mobilcard off pump Mobilcard off national

Mobilcard off-pump price

Mobilcard off-national price

The Ruralco Mobilcard is the perfect solution when you would like to give someone such as a staff member the ability to fill up on your account, but do not want to give them access to every Ruralco Supplier in the area.

You can kit out an entire fleet of farm or work vehicles with a card each, or if the idea of giving your kids access to every supplier in town with a Ruralco Card is too much, give them a Ruralco Mobilcard instead.

Plus if you travel around the country you can use your Ruralco Mobilcard at over 380 stations nationwide with the most extensive network of fuel outlets in New Zealand and save at least 12¢* per litre. Fuel outlets include Mobil Petroleum, Allied Petroleum, Nelson Petroleum (NPD), Pak’n’Save and New World Fuelstops, Waitomo and Weallans nationwide.

You can select a Ruralco Mobilcard off national price or a Ruralco Mobilcard off pump price.

The Ruralco Mobilcard off national price gives you 12¢* per litre discount off the average of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch’s fuel pricing, this card is especially beneficial at high cost areas such as Queenstown or Haast. The Ruralco Mobilcard off national price is identified with the word National on the front of the mobilcard.

The Ruralco Mobilcard off pump price gives you 12¢* per litre discount off the listed pump price at each station. This is especially beneficial when the pump price is lower than the national average, for example at NPD in Halswell Junction Road, Christchurch, they have reduced the pump price by up to 18¢ per litre for diesel, so in conjunction with the Ruralco discount you will have saved a total of 30¢ per litre. 

You can control purchases by selecting fuel and oil only, or all purchases while setting spending limits if required.

All charges will be listed on your monthly ATS or Ruralco account by card.

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*No volume limits. Discount current as at 1 June 2016 and is subject to change. Discount is not available at convenience stations or in conjunction with other discount offers excluding pump price offers. The Ruralco 12¢ discount will not be given at point of sale, but provided as a rebate on your monthly statement. 

View the Ruralco Card Terms and Conditions