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Record puts Canterbury croppers at top

12 June 2017

Eric Watson downplays his status as a world record holder for his latest wheat crop yield

Winter a great time to tackle farm safety

6 June 2017

The winter months are a great time to catch up on office work and compliance issues.

Win a waterblaster with your spring cropping & pasture purchase

6 June 2017

Book an on-farm consultation with Ruralco Seed to discuss your spring crop and pasture requirements by 31 July

Caring for calves key to success

6 June 2017

Since 1 February this year, it is regulation that bobby calves are slaughtered within 24 hours of their last feed.

Keeping an eye out

23 May 2017

“Keeping an eye on things takes on a whole new meaning when you live rurally”

A taste of wild country

17 May 2017

Wild Country started in 1995 by Stephen and Angelique van Camp.

Coming out of a dark place

8 May 2017

Sam Robinson is wanting to encourage more people who may be mentally healthy to think harder, and act faster, towards people who they suspect may not be 100%.

Reaping the rewards from years of pushing the boundaries

4 May 2017

Twenty years ago Angus bull breeder Gerald Hargreaves went out on a limb making a decision that ultimately changed the entire direction on his South Canterbury beef stud, and with it set Kakahu Angus on a path to breeding some of the best bulls in the business.

Seeds, science and farming traverse the Plains

19 April 2017

Seed, science and farming traverse the plains... Warwick Green is a successful businessman, being the founder of Seed Force as well as farming the hill country in Sheffield.

Mid Canterbury Agrecovery Update

13 April 2017

The Ashburton Agrecovery site is currently unavailable.