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Reaping the rewards from years of pushing the boundaries

4 May 2017

Twenty years ago Angus bull breeder Gerald Hargreaves went out on a limb making a decision that ultimately changed the entire direction on his South Canterbury beef stud, and with it set Kakahu Angus on a path to breeding some of the best bulls in the business.

Seeds, science and farming traverse the Plains

19 April 2017

Seed, science and farming traverse the plains... Warwick Green is a successful businessman, being the founder of Seed Force as well as farming the hill country in Sheffield.

Mid Canterbury Agrecovery Update

13 April 2017

The Ashburton Agrecovery site is currently unavailable.

The Beet Guru app

12 April 2017

May 2015 saw the release of Agricom’s first mobile app, the ‘Beet Guru’

Always opt for the real thing

4 April 2017

It can be tempting…those after-market tractor parts, sometimes cheaper than the “real thing”.

We’re going on location to East Street, Ashburton

29 March 2017

The Ruralco Gift & Homeware department is going on location while our store on Burnett Street undergoes earthquake strengthening work including a makeover

2017 wheat competition a growing success

14 March 2017

The popularity of the United Wheatgrowers Competition promises to take another step up in 2017

Learn more about changes to EA Networks Line Charges

9 March 2017

For the 2017/18 financial year, Transpower will charge EA Networks an additional $5.5 million for interconnection with the national grid.

Getting it "Just Right"

7 March 2017

One that has entered our language is the idea of a “Goldilocks scale” where you can have too much or too little, the trick being to get it “just right”.

Catch up with us at these events this March

1 March 2017

We will be travelling around the countryside with sites at various A&P Shows and the South Island Ag Field Days this month - check out our main deals here