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Gallagher Dashboard gives heads up on data

Words and images supplied by Gallagher

13 February 2017

The flexibility of accessing animal data any place, any time has become a reality for farmers using Gallagher weighing equipment.

Gallagher’s Dashboard software and mobile app makes late night data entry after a busy day of livestock weighing a thing of the past, and keeps valuable farm data safe and secure in a remote server.

It also gives farmers the flexibility to look up individual animal data on their smartphone or tablet, regardless of where they may be, or what mob that animal may have been in.

“Historically we have always sold weigh systems and EID readers with software to load onto the farm PC, but farmers want that next level where they are not tied to that PC for the software, or for access to that data they download,” says Gallagher product manager Daniel Loughnane.

Farmers subscribing to the Dashboard software system will have stock data stored on a remote, internet linked server and can access it through their PC, tablet or smartphone anywhere they have connectivity.

The immediacy of data storage and access to that data has significant appeal to Gallagher’s customers.

“Our work has found one thing farmers really want to avoid is having to get back home to the office, and then sit down and load up the data they collected that day when weighing. It is time consuming and doubles up on the day’s work,” says Daniel.

Through wireless or Bluetooth connectivity with a device holding the Dashboard app, weigh data can be downloaded onto the device as soon as the job is done in the field.

Once the device is hooked to the internet the data will be synchronised with the server, and accessible from any device, anywhere.

While checking stock in the field, farmers can simply enter an animal’s tag number to get a record of its weigh history, and check its performance against the mob or the farm average.

For farmers grazing animals on a liveweight gain basis, Dashboard provides easy access via smartphone or tablet to the animals’ weight gain history. Remote access via a smartphone or tablet makes it easily shared with grazing clients, stock agents and managers, regardless of where they may be.

As farms get bigger and more jobs are allocated to staff members, the ability to store it remotely and be accessed by those staff members at any time becomes invaluable for sharing useful information on stock performance with entire farm teams, regardless of where that farm team is meeting.

The Dashboard app sits well on any smart device alongside the Gallagher NAIT app, aimed to help make compliance with NAIT tagging and recording easily integrated into farm records.

Gallagher is offering two versions of the Dashboard software, a Dashboard “Lite” and Dashboard “Pro” version, with “Lite” available now.

The Pro version due for release later this year will enable farmers to manipulate the data for mob and per head analysis, include medical treatments and review animal data collected for multiple farms, all available regardless of where they may choose to review the data.

Farmers keen to get on board with Dashboard Lite have the opportunity to sign on for a free 3-month trial period.

Daniel says the level of security farmers can expect using Dashboard is twofold.

“You have the data kept in a remote, secure server, itself a security bonus, but you also eliminate that risk that goes with just having your data on a home PC. There could be years of information that is invaluable to your business, and it just disappears if that computer’s hard drive fails, there’s a fire, or even stolen.”

To find out more about Dashboard contact Ruralco Farm Supplies or your local Gallagher Territory Manager.