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Be aware of the latest in email SPAM

4 August 2015

If you receive an email with, or as the subject, do NOT open the email, just delete it.

This is a spam email which defeats spam filters and multiple virus guards. If you open the email it will infect your computer. The attachment contains a krypto locker payload, which will encrypt/lock important documents and photos. .

There is no fix to restore the lost documents, therefore it is very important that you have all of your documents/photos etc. backed up on another drive. Restoring documents on your computer is an important task – don’t take the risk of loosing everything.

This virus will also send out an email using your email account details to everyone in your contact list. This is clever, as you may receive an email from someone you know, and with a subject of resume, cv or invoice, so the email may seem very plausible. However if you do receive this, contact the sender before you open it, to see if it is legitimate.

This notice was provided by Ruralco Supplier Computing Solutions