For Best Yield, Your Crops Need To Come From The Best Beginnings.

Our Team Of Experts Are Your Go-To For All Things Agronomy, Offering Everything From Ag-Chemicals And Fertilisers To Seed And On-Farm Support.

We’ll Give You Competitive PricingIndependent Advice From Locals In The Know, And Customise The Service And Products To Suit Your Needs.

Grain silos


Grain buying & selling

Ruralco Seed plays a significant role as a buyer and seller in the New Zealand grain trade market.

This means you get access to markets and links to growers and other farmers, we manage the whole process as well as guaranteeing payment and quality.

Bryce Sharkie On-Farm Plan


On farm planning

Timing is everything for a successful crop. Our On-Farm Account Managers will work with you to plan your season and give you competitive pricing on everything you need to make it happen.

on farm support


On farm agronomy support

With our knowledgeable on farm team we can help actively manage your crop and support you with;

  • Variety selection;
  • Solid fertiliser recommendations;
  • Liquid fertiliser recommendations;
  • Agrichemical recommendations.

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Find The Right Seed For Your Farming Operation

We have a wide range of seeds from the leading seed suppliers in the business.

Grasses | Forage cereals | Herbs | Brassicas |Clover | Lucerne | Fodder Beets | Maize | Pre-Mixed Packs | Seed treatment | Endophytes

Kale variety


Fodder Beet

Ruralco have access to a wide range of NZ's top performing fodder beet varieties. 

Our on farm team have the knowledge and expertise to help you actively manage your crop to produce the best results. Click here to view or range, or contact one of the team today. 


Pasture packs

We have taken the complication out of selecting your new pasture. Ruralco's ultimate Pasture Packs provide you with the right mix necessary to produce ultimate results and ultimate pastures. They are ready to sow and use only proven premium seeds selected for ultimate performance. Click here to view our range.


Custom mixes

Ruralco Seed specialise in custom mixes designed for your specific needs, contact one of the team today.


DairyNZ FVI cultivar selector tool

DairyNZ have created an easy to use tool to help you select your new pasture. Click here and use the selector for your new pasture.


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Our Ruralco Pasture Packs Make It Simple For You To Get Growing

Part No: GS2365
Stock 5+
$159.90 (incl Gst)  
A diploid ryegrass and white clover mix perfect for renovating your pasture to ensure your pasture is in peak production. 
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Part No: GS2369
Stock 5+
$349.90 (incl Gst)  
An elite tetraploid pasture pack 
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Part No: GS1831
Stock 5+
$259.90 (incl Gst)  
An exceptional diploid pasture pack available now. 
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Part No: GS1802
Stock 5+
$219.90 (incl Gst)  
An innovative option for sheep and beef pastures or as a broadcasting or stitch in mix for dairy farm systems. 
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Part No: GS1803
Stock 5+
$299.90 (incl Gst)  
The ulitmate dryland mix for a range of farm systems where a balance of persistence and yield is required 
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We Can Also Help You With


Fertiliser Granules



Learn more about our partnerships with Agrichem and Ballance Agri-Nutrients and how they can help grow your farming operation.

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Grain market update

Ruralco plays a significant role as a buyer and seller in the New Zealand grain trade market. Click here to receive up to date information on the grain market.

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Fuel & energy

Learn how Ruralco Energy and Ruralco Fuel can help keep your bottom line down and keep your farming operation running smoothly.

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