Enjoy The Benefits Of Bottled Gas

If you're looking for cost certainty to run your farming business more efficiently, then LPG is your best bet.

Farmers across New Zealand rely on LPG as an adaptable power source to keep their farming businesses growing in this modern agricultural environment, whilst providing off-grid power for a range of applications.

LPG is a great alternative for:

  • Powering grain dryers more efficiently and effectively preserving the value of the crop.

  • Powering generators to drive irrigation pumps and generate electricity for machinery and manufacturing equipment.

  • Home heating, cooling, and power for all your household needs.

  • Hot water systems for sanitation and other uses.

  • Flame weeding and pest control without chemical.

  • Heating to provide constant temperature, humidity, and air renewal control around the clock for brooders, greenhouses, and nurseries.

No other energy offers a comparable combination of portability, accessibility, and convenience of use. 

Understand how your bottled gas works so you know when to order a refill and can avoid running out.

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5 Great Reasons To Choose Bottled Gas:

  • Monthly bottle rental option

  • Easy online refill ordering

  • Nationwide distribution network

  • Competitive bottle refill charges



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