In 1963 a group of farmers formed the co-op that would become Ruralco. They wanted competitive pricing for their businesses and a sustainable future for tomorrow, and today we’re still obsessed with that vision.

We live in the rural communities we serve. We have straight up conversations with the farmers, contractors, service and support businesses who work together in our local communities. We listen until we understand the needs of the real people who make a living from agriculture. Then we do what we can to make life a little easier.

We do our best on prices. We find answers. We tell the truth. We share experience and knowledge. We connect people with new ideas. We celebrate our heroes and the people that make Ruralco what it is today.

We care about tomorrow. With the deep roots of our co-op structure we give rural businesses the opportunity to source better deals and know that their contributions deliver real value for their local communities, helping to support a sustainable future for New Zealand farming.


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We are obsessed with agriculture, we are committed to uniting rural communities and supporting a sustainable future for New Zealand farming.

Ruralco are your farming cooperative offering competitive pricing for your farming business and a complete solution with personalised advice, on farm, instore or online. We make your farming life easier with the convenience of one card to use with one statement for consolidated spend and improved cashflow. Use your Ruralco card with our vast network of card suppliers and save more on everyday items for your farming business.


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Ruralco's History


Ruralco is proud of its heritage – the people, the events and the milestones that have helped shape the co-operative and make us who we are today.

A journey through the decades celebrates this and reminds us of all that we have achieved since our establishment in 1963.

Our Values


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